Borders Without End, an installation about borders, the power structures they enact, and how to question them.

The exhibition features the work of Elaine Byrne, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, and Camel Collective and builds upon the exhibition Worlds Without End: Stories Around Borders, organized by Michael Dempsey and Sara Reisman for the Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin, Ireland (2020/2021).

The notion that borders have undergone some sort of transformation in their nature and location, and that the modern political subject is also shaped by borders, is a central preoccupation of this exhibition. The works featured in Borders Without End explore the visual paradox of walls, and how that which appears as the articulation of state sovereignty, may actually express its demise relative to other kinds of global forces. Here, different types of borders inevitably fold into one another, and the notion of maintaining sharp, contiguous distinctions between anything is impossible and inevitably breaks down.